Why We Support A21

Why We Support A21

Who is A21?

A21 is a global non-profit working to end slavery in the 21st century. We love the support A21 provides and admire Christine Caine as the co-founder with her husband Nick. October 16th is the annual Walk for Freedom hosted by A21, where we walk, raise awareness, and donate funds to end human trafficking. 

“One life at a time. This is how we end slavery.” 

A21 works through a process called Reach, Rescue, Restore

Reach is the difference between vulnerability and safety. Educating and equipping everyone to understand, identify, and reduce the risk of human trafficking through programs like educational curriculum, prevention programs, and awareness campaigns.

Rescue is the difference between exploitation and freedom. Partnering with authorities to secure the freedom of victims and the conviction of human traffickers through programs like hotlines, child advocacy centers, identification trainings, and legal support. 

Restore is the difference between re-victimization and independence. Empowering survivors of human trafficking on their unique journey toward restoration and independence through programs like holistic aftercare, safe accommodation, and relocation services.

We chose to work with A21 because…

In response to the global crisis of human trafficking, A21 has expanded efforts to 19 locations in 14 countries since 2008.

total survivors were
assisted in 2020

new survivors were welcomed
into our care in 2020

highest average
number of survivors

in A21’s care throughout the year

survivors were repatriated
back to their home countries

victims were identified
and assisted

people potentially reached
through the Can You See Me?