Our Story

Scent is one of the most unique forms of our senses. We can be immediately transported to a time or place from memory triggered by a smell... but what if a scent could do more? What if putting on perfume increased your confidence to go after your dreams? Or what if it saved a woman's life and kept her safe after being a victim of sex trafficking? The best part about Elia No. 1 is the way you will feel when you wear it, like the perfect version of yourself. 


My name is Amanda Meyer and my goal in creating Elia Parfum started with the desire to help others on a greater scale. I wanted to make a scent that empowers women to feel and smell their best while also providing relief to victims of sex trafficking. If we've ever met, you'll know within a few minutes, I have a very acute sense of smell. Working in the fashion industry my nose has had the privilege of smelling some of the best notes the fragrance world has to offer. Spending so much time around designers I got to know what fragrant notes are complemented by others and how scent can open up differently on everyones skin. So i set out on my journey to find the perfect scent that can take you from day into night. 


The base notes of our Parfum blend with your natural pheromones to uniquely smell different on each wears’ skin, allowing you to feel original and smell intoxicating! In wearing Elia Parfum, I want women to smell incredible, feel confident, and know they’re making a difference because each purchase is connected to a very important cause.


It’s important to remember how blessed we are, in these times especially, and to help those in need. Sex trafficking is a heinous crime that I can’t believe is still prevalent today, so I’ve reached out to A21, an organization that helps rescue and revive victims of human and sex trafficking. A percentage of all proceeds from Elia Parfum are donated to A21 to help these women survive and get back on their feet.


I hope in many ways this company can grow and support more organizations and women out there so please join me in this journey to create spectacular fragrances and products that strive to empower women and help others on a greater scale. ...