ELI(A)lignment Day 2

ELI(A)lignment Day 2

At the start of the pandemic, I happened upon a fitness influencer on Instagram named Melissa Wood-Tepperberg. If you’re familiar with her, I’m sure you’re well aware what a light she is. If you haven’t heard of her, I would STRONGLY encourage you to check out her page @melissawoodhealth on instagram or Melissawoodhealth.com. Her workouts are low impact, short, and super effective. She also shares how meditation has helped change her life, and I find the guided meditations she provides have really made an amazing difference in my life. Many of them are very short and are a good way to ease yourself into the practice. 

For me, I started listening to them each morning, while I have my warm lemon water, and the shift I’ve felt in myself has been next level. Meditation has really helped me visualize myself as the woman I want to be. By creating the time and space to sit with myself, my thoughts, and my breath, has really helped me connect powerfully to my inner being. I’ve noticed after meditating my mood shifts, and I have an ease and calmness throughout my day. Truly, the clarity that has come through meditation has changed my life. I can’t say enough positive things about Melissa and her commitment to her practice. She’s been an extremely positive role model for my life, and I’m so grateful I found her. 

Another meditation I found was through Insight Timer–Sarah Blondin’s “Living Your Life with Your Sacred Hands.” I cried the first time I listened to this meditation because it spoke to me in such an authentic way. 

Truth be told, meditating isn’t always easy. Sitting with yourself and your thoughts can be challenging and scary. What I’ve learned over this past year is that meditation works when you choose to come back to it. The act of taking time to sit with yourself in the morning, afternoon, or evening is powerful when you do it. I really believe that it’s so important to listen to the voice inside you. When I meditate (almost every morning), I can hear solutions to my problems that play out in my head. 

If you haven’t started a meditation practice, I would highly encourage you to try it. If you’ve tried and stopped, I would also encourage you to return to it. Even just starting with a few minutes a day can make such a difference if you struggle with anxiety, depression, addiction, mood swings. or staying focused. Even if you think you don’t have anything going on…meditation will make your life that much better.