What is Confidence?

What is Confidence?

Feeling confident might sound difficult but we guarantee by practicing a few of these healthy habits and spritzing your favorite fragrance of course, the outlook upon ourselves can be transformed. 

The first healthy habit that you need to introduce into your life is self-care. Exercise regularly! Have a healthy diet! A balanced sleep schedule! Pamper yourself! 

The second healthy habit is to build positive relationships. Surround yourself with people who make you feel good. If your friends are positive you will automatically feel great about yourself. 

The third healthy habit is to challenge yourself regularly. It’s normal to be nervous in the face of a challenge, but by setting goals and making gradual progress these challenges won’t seem so daunting and your confidence will grow. 

The fourth and final healthy habit is to practice positive affirmations. By thinking positive thought like, “I am confident in my abilities,” “I can achieve whatever I set my mind to,” and “I let go of my detrimental beliefs and trust myself.” When you reinforce these thoughts you start to believe them. Studies have shown that the neural pathways respond when people practice positive self-affirmation.

Most importantly, the right fragrance can uplift your whole mood and make you the most confident and best-smelling version of you. People connect to scents on an emotional level; the smell of the ocean will cause a collection of happy thoughts associated with the warmth of summer. By choosing fragrances that tickle your senses in the best way possible your whole mood can skyrocket, which intern causes your confidence to skyrocket too. Every time your spritz your special scent the confidence you attain will spread to others, causing the compliments to roll in. Elia Parfum has some of the best fragrances out there with the alluring jasmine scent of No. 1, and the fresh and radiant vanilla in Noir, and the tangy citrus surprise of Amalfi. Elia has all the best fragrances to help make you the most confident version of yourself.